Product of - A fork of taxable Erc 20 tokens

BearX is a token that funds Hex Bear, an ecosystem of defi products under one roof.

7% buy tax

Taxed buys contribute capital to a community address in for buy and burns. Holders of Hex Bear can fund the "bear address" and hold an asset for it.

4% sell tax

Taxed sells contribute capital for liquidity and holding up the price in BearX.


100% on uniswap on launch

0.9% in contract on launch

Uniswap V2 held 82.6440% on launch day.

Uniswap V1 held 16% on launch day.

The Taxed Sale Has Begun

The sell functions and sell taxes wil not be operational on Uniswap V2 until the Uniswap V2 pool has aquired 10.014 ETH.

Rounds of funding for both the Bear address and BearX liquidity will be ran periodically on certain dates until ETH liquidity reaches 10.014ETH.

All liquidity will remain on Uniswap V2 Eth and the V2 HEX pair until the taxed sale of BRX on Uniswap V2/ETH has ended.

The tax percentages and tax addresses have been set. The contract ownership has been renounced and all contract functions cannot be changed. Liquidity will not be locked for this reason. Liquidity will at times be moved 100% to Uniswap V1 and a V2/HEX pair to give buyers and sellers a tax free opportunity to transact.

BUY tax 7% .. 4% tax SELL On Uniswap



Contract Address

Gas Cheap Uniswap V1

Coming soon

Be mindful of slippage while liquidity is low. You may have to turn off "auto" and raise the tolerance.

updating soon

Updating Soon

BearX/Eth Stats

Hex/BRX Stats



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